Weight Loss Plans

Weight Loss Plans Can Save Your Life


Hearing about weight loss plans that may just save your life is a risky proposition.  For starters, this isn’t a diet with some freaky secret ingredient that will help you live forever.  But it’s more than just the answer to your doctor’s statement that “You need to lose at least ten percent of your body weight or you’re going to have a heart attack.”

What this is about is foods that not only help you lose that ten percent and more.  This ten percent can also help stave off the many cancers that are out there, along with all the other problems a high fat and fake food existence can leave you with.

Bright Colors Benefit Health

The best weight loss plans are made up almost exclusively of organic, natural, single-ingredient foods eaten in combinations and proportions that boost your metabolism.  This type of diet will speed your fat burning and contribute to your overall health.

Lest the word “exclusively” conjure the image of the standard diet with its limitations and exclusions, consider the produce department in your local store, or better yet, a farmer’s market.

It’s impossible not to walk through these areas without being impressed by the wide variety of fruits and vegetables, sights and smells.  You’re “limited” to hundreds of options.  And this is without ever getting into the area of meat and nuts, which you are also totally allowed to eat.

Best of all, the bright colors and textures are signs of disease-fighting aspects.  Dark-greens are excellent sources of calcium but they also help fight off cancer, as do Brazil nuts and almost any other natural food.  You can’t get this kind of goodness from meal bars!

It’s Good For The Environment Too!

This doesn’t necessarily mean that if you continue to subsist on cheeseburgers and yo-yo diets that you’re going to get cancer or have a heart-attack–but neither one is good for you.

Nor do you actually have to give up the occasional burger – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good grass-fed, hormone free beef on sprouted grain bread tastes, and how much better you feel after eating than what you may be used to.

Not to mention that there are increasing studies on the issue of what the hormones, antibiotics and pesticides in and on our foods are doing to our bodies and the world around us.

Being “green” isn’t all tree-hugging and wearing hemp.  When it comes to food, it’s about enlightened self-interest and trying to keep from consuming any more strange chemicals than we absolutely have to.

The Joys Of Cooking

What scares many of us, even those of us aware of the health and fat-burning properties away from the produce section, isn’t even that we don’t like vegetables, but that we don’t know how to prepare them without killing their health properties and flavor.

This is why any weight loss plan that’s going to help you eat the right foods, in the right proportions so that you aren’t hungry, but do burn fat and lose that ten percent of body weight and more, will come with something else.

It’s a shame that with all the varieties of food that exist that it’s hard to think of ways to prepare them properly.  A recipe book with more ideas than you can shake a stick at will help you get started in the right direction.

But the thing is, once you start becoming aware of all the possibilities out there, you won’t just get fitter and healthier. You’re likely to get more creative in the kitchen too, and there’s telling what amazing places that can take you to.

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