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Daily Intermittent Fasting Review

Daily Intermittent Fasting (DIF) is the practice of only eating a certain part of the day, while not eating anything during the remaining hours. DIF spans from fasting for a minimum of 12 hours to only eating one meal a day. Previously we discussed the health benefits of intermittent fasting. […]

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Boost Your Metabolism in 4 Easy Steps

Have you been dieting for months without losing a pound? Wonder what you’re doing wrong? First of all, stop blaming yourself! From genetics to thyroid disorders and hormonal imbalances, there are several factors influencing weight loss. Perhaps you have a sluggish metabolism. Prolonged dieting, stress, and overtraining can slow down […]

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Free Weight Loss Exercise Program

There are a lot of myths and fads out there when it comes to weight loss. Some say that you need to diet hard to reduce your calorie intake. Some say that diet is not important, as long as you maintain stringent weight loss exercise programs. Some take the middle […]