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The Health Benefits of the Sardinian Mediterranean Diet


Before we discussed the health benefits of the diets in the Blue Zones. Sardinia is one of them and its inhabitants are one of the healthiest and longest lived in the world. In this article, we will discuss this Sardinian Mediterranean diet and the Sardinian lifestyle.

The Characteristics of the Diet

1. Beans. In Sardinia, a lot of beans are eaten daily. White and brown beans, lupine, chickpeas and lentils are on the menu. Beans are a great source of protein which help to maintain and built muscle and are a great source of fiber which helps to regulate blood pressure and protects against cancer in the intestines.
2. Vitamin C. Citrons are one of the most eaten fruits. They are a great source of vitamin C which strengthens the immune system.
3. Seafood. Especially the omega fatty acids provide a great buffer for your brain health. This will protect you against age-related memory loss and keep your mind “clear” even into your old age.
4. Whole grains. They always opt for the whole grain option which provide a great source of fiber and vitamins that are essential to your health.
5. Drink wine in moderation. Drink a max. of two to three glasses a day. Wine provides flavonoids which help against heart-diseases. Cannonau wine is a type of wine they drink often and provides three times more flavonoids than “regular” wine.

The Lifestyle

1. Put family first. Like in all Blue Zones family is very important. Keep your family close. This is proven to protect against depression, suicide and stress.
2. The importance of elders. The elders are cared for very well and provide an essential role in the family. They provide financial support, help raising their grandchildren and give them love, wisdom and affection.
3. Walking. Walking a lot is very prominent for Sardinian people. It’s a very good work-out without putting all the strain on your body that other types of exercises, like running, do.
4. Laugh. Laughing releases stress and helps to enjoy your life, which has been proven many times to aid in longevity.
5. They’re also very social. When crossing the streets of Sardinia, you will notice that everyone is talking to each other, laughing with each other and enjoying their time together. Being social and getting to know new people is a major factor for brain health as well, once again protecting your brain against age-related decay.
Eating healthy, enjoying your life and staying active, both physically and mentally, are the main factors to living a long and healthy life.