Food & Drinks Weight Loss Tips

Eating healthy & losing weight


Losing weight is not going to be a quick fix but a lifestyle change. With small changes you can make a big difference. Here you find tips for eating healthy and losing weight at the same time.

Diet mistakes

  • You don’t eat enough fibres
  • You eat to much refined sugar, meat, fish, dairy or highly processed foods.
  • You use to much oil when you’re cooking.
  • You drink to many calories, like softdrinks and alcohol
  • You use to many diet products. They may contain less fat but the producers of diet products add more carbs. Another thing they add is aspartame, which is being converted in your body as toxic substances formaldehyde and methanol. You can actually get a methanol poisoning if you eat or drink to many low fat/diet products and that’s not something you want!


Make small changes to your lifestyle

  • Eat more fibres by putting 1-2 spoons of oats in your yoghurt or eat whole grain bread instead of bread made of wheat.
  • Go for products with 5 or less ingredients. The more ingredients a product contains the more processed it is!
  • Instead of eating pork, beef or fish eat chicken or turkey which are high in proteins but low in calories and fat.
  • Instead of eating and drinking dairy start eating or drinking plant-based products like soy milk or yoghurt, almond, coconut or rice milk.
  • Don’t use to much olive and sunflower oil but use coconut oil instead.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink more water, preferably 1,5 liters.
  • Start eating nuts but not more than a handfull per day. Nuts have a lot of protein and fat but also calories that’s why you shouldn’t eat more than 50 grams (which is about 1 handfull).
  • Squeeze in extra exercising by walking or biking to the store, taking the stairs, doing strength exercises while watching television,etc. You can probably find good ways to exercise more without going to the gym! Even an extra of 30 minutes a day can make a difference.
  • Don’t deny yourself everything but replace “bad” food with healthier alternatives which have the most nutrients but with less calories, sugar and fat.
  • And If you do eat something with a high amount of calories, go for a walk. This keeps your calorie intake and the calories you burn in balance!