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Boost Your Metabolism in 4 Easy Steps

Have you been dieting for months without losing a pound? Wonder what you’re doing wrong? First of all, stop blaming yourself! From genetics to thyroid disorders and hormonal imbalances, there are several factors influencing weight loss. Perhaps you have a sluggish metabolism. Prolonged dieting, stress, and overtraining can slow down […]

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Weight Loss Tips

Eating healthy & losing weight

Losing weight is not going to be a quick fix but a lifestyle change. With small changes you can make a big difference. Here you find tips for eating healthy and losing weight at the same time. Diet mistakes You don’t eat enough fibres You eat to much refined sugar, […]

Weight Loss Tips

3 Effective ways to lose Weight

The best way of changing our eating/drinking habits and actually keeping it up is by making minor changes. You don’t have to deny yourself everything but if you cut out small parts of your diet (or lifestyle depending on how you look at it) can make a big difference! Here […]

Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Using Natural Metabolism Boosters

The market is full of chemical based products that promise successful weight loss. Putting chemicals into your body always has the risk of negative side effects such as diarrhea, increased heart rate, excessive sweating, nervousness, tremors, etc. So what can you do to help aide in your attempt to lose […]