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Weight Loss Exercise

Lose Weight Without Exercise

Would you like to lose weight without exercise? One of the noblest ambitions a man or woman might have would be to accomplish the objective of dropping the desired quantity of weight and then continue to keep it off. Despite the fact that it may possibly be possible to lose […]

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Weight Loss Exercise

Exercise and Fat Loss

A lot of people are confused when it comes to exercise and fat loss. ‘I’ve lost so much weight my clothes are hanging off me, yet I’ve still got a spare tyre around my waist!’ Sound familiar? Or maybe you’ve just noticed how many women can be really thin but […]

Weight Loss Exercise

Moms’ Back to School Routine

Well, it’s that time of year again, time to send the kiddos off to school. Or if you’re a homeschooler (like me) it’s time to promote your kids and start their new routines (just in case the rules got a little “relaxed” over the summer)! While you are busy instilling […]