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5 Foods you probably never heard of


Everyone knows foods like bananas, apples, bell peppers and cucumbers but what about a chayote, eddo or tamarinde? I didn’t hear of them when i started writing this article and i’m pretty sure you haven’t either! Read, enjoy and learn!

1. Chayote

This pear-shaped fruit is family of the cucumber and tastes most like potatoes and cucumbers. It’s full of folic acid plus it has 8 flavanoids, all and all very healthy.
The chayote can improve your bloodpressure and decrease cancer.

2. Eddo

Other names for this turnip are Taro, Dasheen and Kalo. It’s brimming with vitamin B6, vitamin E and manganese. One downside of the Eddo: it’s full of starch which makes this vegetable not the right choice for people trying to lose weight. The eddo improve the intestines and underweight. It can decrease cancer and a hunger feeling.


A tropical fruit that also goes by the name golden apple. It tastes a little bit sour, like a pineapple. The ambarella is part of the stone fruit family and is full of vitamin C. It decreases blood clots, infections and improves your gut!

4. Sappodilla

This fruit is basically a large berry and tastes most like a pear (it’s very sweet). Some fruits you can eat when they’re not ripe, this one is not one of them. It’s best to wait with eating the sappodilla until it’s ripe enough. The best part of this fruit: it’s full of fibers and vitamin C, it improves cholesterol and can decrease hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and triglycerides (type of fat in blood)

5. Tamarinde

Last but not least the tamarinde, a legume. Tamarinde has a sweet and sour taste at the same time. This legume is brimming with vitamine B2, iron, magnesium and phosphor. It can decrease pancreas cancer and constipation and improves cholosterol and the blood pressure.