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The 10 Dietary Guidelines of the Blue Zones Diet


The Blue Zones Diet is a literally life-changing diet and lifestyle that could add many years to your life. We discussed more about the lifestyle here. In this article, we will talk about the 10 dietary guidelines that accompany this diet.

The 10 Guidelines

1. Make sure to follow the 95/5 rule. This means that you should eat 95% plant-based versus only 5% animal-based products each day. Make sure to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, grains and beans.
2. Just to be safe it’s better to refrain from meat. Meat is eaten in moderation in most Blue Zones, but scientific results show that meat probably does more harm than good.
3. Fish is eaten up to three times a week in the Blues Zones. The fish today is unfortunately usually contaminated with pesticides. Therefore, we do not recommend ingesting it as part of your diet.
4. Cow’s milk is not prominent in this diet. For this reason, it’s best to limit your intake of dairy products like cheese, to only a few times a week.
5. Beans are a winner! They contain protein and fiber. Make sure to eat at least one cup each day.
6. Eat as little sugar as possible, no more than 28 grams (7 teaspoons) a day. Foods high in sugar should only be consumed on special occasions, like parties.
7. Nuts make a great snack. Make sure to eat one hand a day! Try to vary the nuts you eat to avoid boredom and to reap the nutritional benefits of all nuts.
8. Try to limit your intake of bread and bread-like products, like tortilla’s. Eat no more than two slices of bread a day. And always make sure to get whole-grain variants!
9. Try to eat products that are as pure as possible, with preferably five or less ingredients. And of course, opt for ingredients that are not artificially manufactured.
10. Water is your best friend. Make sure to avoid all artificially sweetened drinks. Water, unsweetened tea and coffee are all you need.

We can imagine this is quite a list. But don’t worry, just making small changes in your diet will already make a huge difference to your health! So start off with one item on the list and slowly work your way up. We know you can do it!